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10 lessons from veteran book cover designers

Bot Wars - J.V. Kade
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OMG! I just died laughing. And I cannot stop! Awesomely cool! :-) :-)

25 unconventional business books you won’t see on most bookshelves (but should)

Win a Custom Booklikes Design from Parajunkee Design

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It is that time again! Time for a chance to PIMP your booklikes blog. You know you want it!!!


Win a Custom Booklikes Blog Desgin



ust enter the giveaway using the hand-dandy rafflecopter widget. Check below for all the deets.


Extra bit of awesome. If this giveaway reaches 1900K entries - (there were 1899 entries on last giveaway) another winner will be added. That means two people will have their booklikes blog pimped. Here is hoping, right? If I only get 100 entries, I will form a support group for rejected designers. Anyone can join...


The rafflecopter widget does not show in Booklikes dashboard so click the button below or the title of this post:





a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need more info?

Check out the three other winners:

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Design Giveaway Deets:


  • $150 Value
  • Contest ends 07/07/2014 12am CST
  • Can not be exchange for another design
  • Design will be completed with specs provided by winner
  • Design will be installed by me, but I will need access to your booklikes account
  • There is no follow or purchase necessary, but it is offered to gain extra entries
  • A winner will be picked within 48 hours of content ending and will be messaged in the Booklikes DMs, if no response is given within 48 hours, another entry will be picked
  • If entries pass 1900k another booklikes design will be added.

Independent Booksellers Mount Offensive Against Amazon's Dominance

The Winged Watchman - Another look, 70 years after WWII

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The Winged Watchman (Living History Library) - Hilda van Stockum

I am at the BookExpo America looking at books available for children on World War II now that D-Day is a week away. There are surprisingly few, alhough Goodreads has 171 such books listed. Many of these books are multiple titles of the same basic text, such as Anne Frank's Diaries, which always rank near the top on this list, deservedly so. Right now it ranks #3.


Among the top 15 books are two by Hilda van Stockum. The Winged Watchman is one. It is about a family that lives in a windmill, and is deeply involved in the Resistance to the Nazi occupation. The heroes are two boys in the family, young teens. A local Dutch boy goes over to the Nazis and becomes a Landwatcher, meaning a traitor. The job of the two boys is to keep track of the traitor, Leendert.


The book is based on true stories. The author (disclosure: my mother) is Dutch-born and many of her relatives were in the Resistance.  



BEA Bloggers Conference 2014
BEA Bloggers Conference 2014

Tormund from Game of Thrones :-)

(I still prefer the book)

Move Over Scandinavian Noir, Here Comes the Polish Gumshoe

The New York Times

Pimp my Booklikes Blog Giveaway

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Pimp my Booklikes Design Giveaway

Win a custom booklikes design for your blog.


  • Win a custom design ONLY for your booklikes blog
  • This design only includes the design, not extra graphics
  • This can not be transfered or cashed in
  • Design has a value of $150


How to win?

  • Leave a comment to win
  • Extra entries can be earned by reblogging this image or liking it. Just comment and let me know that you did it with an extra comment


Good luck!


Update - I'll run this giveaway until February 23rd. I'll contact the winner in messages and then post the finished design on my blog and FB pages.



February 14th International Book Giving Day

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Book Bloggers Connect! What are your plans for May? :-)

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BookExpo America (BEA) is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. One of the most important events on BEA is Bloggers Conference. This year BEA is held in New York in late May (May 29- 31). And we hope to be in NYC during that time.  We'd love to meet you, chat and hang out :-)


This year's BEA Bloggers Conference topics aren't set yet but we have some ideas for discussion panels. Our session proposal is about creating book blogging communities and supporting mutual relationships, i.e.: Book Bloggers Connect! 


What do you think? Let us know about your ideas and topic suggestions in comments below or send them directly to BEA Bloggers Conference Team here: 2014 Call For Ideas — Now Open!


Let's connect on BEA Bloggers Conference :-) There's no better place to make it happen!

Every death in "Game of Thrones" - visualized.

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That's kind of... disturbing.